Our History


Hotel Dedeman Tokat

Dedeman Tokat Hotel, which its construction started in 2015, is the only 5-star branded hotel in the region. Dedeman Tokat opened its doors to its guests in May 2017 with all its splendor as a brand of Atlas Yat?r?m.

Synergym Corum

Synergym Fitness Çorum branch was established in the first months of 2017 to provide AHL Park AVM members with a service that always exceeds their expectations. Synergym Fitness, with its modern architecture that pushes the limits, was built on an area of 6000 m² in Çorum Ahl Park AVM.

Synergym Tokat

While Synergym Fitness is on its way to become the largest health and sports club in Anatolia, it built its 3rd branch on an area of 4500 m², which was opened within the Tokat Dedeman Hotel in the last quarter of 2017.

Synergym Konya

Synergym is taking firm steps towards becoming the biggest health and sports club in Anatolia. Synergym Fitness which was prepared at high quality standards and above expectations, took the first step towards becoming Anatolia's largest health and sports club with its opening in Konya Dedeman Hotel in 2016.

Cihanbeyli Salt

Our company continues its activities in the Yavşan saltworksı located in Cihanbeyli/Konya. As a result of the tender made by the Privatization Administration of the Raw Salt production facility, which was owned by the state-affiliated TEKEL institution until 2006, the operating and usage rights were transferred to a private company. The company, which joined our family in 2015, was included in the Barer Holding-Atlas Yatırım partnership in 2019.


Konet was included in the Atlas Yatırım family in 2015, and its partnership structure changed in 2019 and became Barer Holding-Atlas Yatırım joint company. The all machines of factory, which was established in 1992, have been renewed and made to keep up with today's technological conditions.

Form Kapadokya Shopping Center

The eighth project of Multi Türk Mall in Turkey in which we are a solution partner, Forum Kapadokya Mall and Life Center was built by us on a turnkey basis and put into service in November 2009.

Meram Yeni Yol Mansions

Our project, where modern social areas embrace nature embrace nature, offers a living comfort away from building pollution, consisting of 3 and 5 floors and is located in the most distinguished location of Konya.

Selcuklu Medical Faculty Hospital

The hospital construction has 130.000 m2 indoor area and 160.000 m2 outdoor area. The hospital with a bed capacity of 934 has 22 operating rooms.

Selcuklu Shopping Center and Residences

There are 154 luxury apartments in 2 blocks with a total of 20 floors and Selcuklu AVM in RESIDENCE-MALL project which was constructed by our group. There is a 4000 m2 indoor parking lot and 4000 m2 outdoor recreation and playground area in the residential part.

Hotel Dedeman Konya

Dedeman Konya Hotel's investment was started in 2004 and it was put into service in 2006. Our project, which has a total construction area of 40,000 m2, is the largest and high-tech 5-star hotel and congress center in the region having 18-floors, 207-rooms, 250-persons modern restaurant and congress halls.

Konya Tesco Kipa Shopping Center

Its land development was performed by us. The project, which started with a brand new shopping approach for Konya and the people of Konya, who deserve the best, was made as turnkey basis by us and delivered to the investor. The project, which has the title of Konya's largest hypermarket under today’s conditions, was completed in 7 months in winter conditions. It was built as a total land area of 26,538 m2 and an indoor area of 58,300 m2. It was demolished in 2017 due to a new project plan.



It is the first project that our group incorporated within the framework of its decision to continue its health investments abroad. Providing service with its modern infrastructure in Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, Pro Life started its operations with the partnership of a local company and 63% of this partnership belongs to our group.

Dunya Business Center

While it was being used as Konya Regional Directorate of T.R Ziraat Bank, our business center, which was taken over by our company and then renovated and modernized, is leased to corporate tenants as a total of 2.000 m2 and 4 floors.2

University of Baskent Konya Hospital

Starting its investment in 2000, it was built on a turnkey basis by our Hospital group and was delivered to Başkent University.

Ultra Radiology

Our Imaging Center was established in the center of Konya in 1999 and started to accept patients as of April 2000. As of that day, the center, which has the first and only private MR device of Konya province, has also served the private sector, including all official institutions, and Konyaspor.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital

This investment which its investment was completed in 1998 and has been rented as a Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital by first Selcuk University and then by Necmettin Erbakan University, is the first private Physical Therapy Hospital in Konya and the region with its 10.000 m2 indoor area and 5.500 m2 garden. In 2020, it was transferred to Uğur College.

Nobel Medical

Our medical investments, which started with the motto "First Health, health is the basis of quality life" continued by combining our forces with Siemens, a world giant. As group, we have put our signature in the establishment and operation of radiology, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy centers in many of the hospitals that serve the people in Turkey’s health sector.