Our Policy

Its core values and way of doing business form , 35 years of commercial life and the infrastructure of the successes of Atlas Yatırım Planlama San. ve Tic.A.Ş The importance given to process quality, innovative, result-oriented and competitive business style distinguishes Atlas Yatırım from other companies.

For Atlas Yatırım, quality is the goal, not a tool. It perceives quality as total quality. It follows a policy that believes that if all processes are of high quality, products and services will also be of high quality. It aims to add value to people's lives by evaluating quality as a way of life.

Atlas Yatırım acts with the philosophy of primarily serving people, adding value to the society and the city, but also integrating with commercial optimization in all its investments. It perceives itself as an investor group and tries to put forward what we can do and what we cannot do, and try to act within this framework. By making market and sector analysis, it takes investment decisions in order to get the most benefit in the right sectors. Before starting the investment, it definitely takes management stage into account and continues on its way by making operator, leasing or exclusive cooperation agreements with companies that are branded in their field. It prioritizes not only commercial benefits but also social responsibility and adding value in its projects. It never compromises on quality, and perceives its conservative approach as working with a high margin of safety, especially in matters concerning human health and life. Full compliance with the law, respect for people and labor are the basic values.